VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV Will be Released on October 27

Volkswagen is not a famous brand in America. The new version of this called VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV concept has been prepared for launch. This is a big car which has been made according to the Tiguan platform and CrossBlue Concept which will be named Atlas. This can also be called as Station Wagon because of its size. This version has been released in China, which have been key markets of SUV for the Volkswagen. The German maker is planning to launch this product in three different models. Nowadays the demand for SUV is on the very top. Taking this benefit Volkswagen is trying very hard to capture the market .It is being estimated that this seven-seater version will create the history in US and Canada. There will be high demand in china also.

VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV front

VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV – Interior and Exterior

There is no difference between the Tiguan five seated and seven seated. They are also not different feature-wise. This new version is loaded with mirror link touch screen system along with parking camera and maps. In addition to this Volkswagen has been loaded with touch slider climate control, gesture control based on Tiguan concept.

Changes have been made in the exterior design to make it off-road friendly. The clearance under the axles has been increased from 7 inches to 9 inches and the maximum ground clearance has been increased from 8 inches to 9.7 inches. Front and rear guards can be easily replaced and four polymer protectors have been provided to give the protection from any damage.

VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV – Power Expectations

The VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV has come up with TSI petrol engine having the capacity of 2.0-litre and 200 hp. This petrol engine is available in the American and Chinese market. 2.0-liter diesel engines are available in the European market which will consume 177 hp. The latest version is loaded with 4 motions. That means all wheel will be in drive version. In different parts of the world, optional front wheel drive will be available. The all-wheel drive system has been provided which will power all the four wheels automatically.

The drive system is made up of 6-speed transmission of a dual clutch system along with the electric motor loaded with transmission case. To improve the efficiency of the fuel and to take the benefits of hybrid design this vehicle will start of electrically even in zero emission mode. The battery is sufficiently charged and the rear electric motor will provide the power to the car up to 20miles. The capacity of the battery is 12.4 kWh. The VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV is incorporated with 6 driving modes, on-road, off-road, Snow, Sport, Charge and Battery Hold. At present GTE mode is available in all VW plug-in hybrids.

VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV side

VW Atlas Seven-Seat SUV – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

In comparison to five seated version there, is a hike of 20 %. This new model will be very competitive in US and China which has been the main markets for SUV these days. The cost will be around $35,000. Volkswagen Atlas Seven-Seat SUV is about to be released in US and Europe October 27.

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