Tiguan GTE Active Concept

Using the previous 2015 release of the Tiguan as a model for its design and product offerings, the Tiguan GTE Active Concept takes the elements of luxury, reliability and style, and adds features that components that are critical for off-roading enthusiasts including off-road tyres, under vehicle protection plates, and racks and snorkels affixed to the auto’s roof. If you are looking for a serious off-roading option then you should look no further than the Volkswagen 2017 Tiguan GTE Active Concept.

Tiguan GTE Active Concept

Tiguan GTE Active Concept – Redesign Exterior and Interior

Externally the Tiguan GTE is packed full of features that make it off-road worthy without the need for added extras. Consider standard accessories such as fender flares, skid plates, tow hooks, an aluminium roof rack, and LED spots. Combined with the “Dragon Red” paintwork and brushed aluminium trim, this vehicle presents a confident, high quality design.

Internally the prototype that has been showcased, indicates that the Tiguan GTE Active will not disappoint dealers, buyers and enthusiasts alike. In this vehicle Volkswagen has launched a new interface dashboard boasting a 9.2 inch screen and an instrument control panel that allows the driver to manage mirrors, cooling, entertainment, and connectivity to Android and Apple functionality. Comfortable two-tone leather seating, means that this vehicle was made for taking long trips in style.

Tiguan GTE Active Concept interior

Tiguan GTE Active Concept – Engine and Performance

While there is much to be said about the sleek design and luxury styling of the GTE Active Concept, it is important that we spend some time talking about the vehicle’s engine, power and performance. Firstly, consider that the vehicle operates on a 148 horsepower, 1.4 litre TSI petrol engine which generates 110 kW of performance power, along with an electric 40 kW motor for the front axle and an 85 kW in the rear side.

The beauty of the design is matched by the clever construction of its functionality. You can choose between front wheel or rear wheel drive only, or you can opt for all wheel drive. If you use only rear wheel drive, you are drawing only on the charge of the electric motor and a fully charged battery should see you reach 20 miles before a re-charge is required.

Volkswagen suggests that by combining the petrol and electric options, the Tiguan GTE Active Concept should easily transport you some 580 miles.

Tiguan GTE Active Concept rear

Tiguan GTE Active Concept – Price and Release Date

Due for release into the United States market in quarter two of 2017, pricing has yet to be set for the innovated Tiguan GTE Active. Current 2016 pricing the standard Tiguan sits at around $26,000 to $29,000 so you can expect that this vehicle will sit somewhere above that range given that bevy of features it will offer.

If you are serious off-road driving enthusiast then the Tiguan GTE Active Concept announced in 2015 but released at the Detroit auto show, is without doubt an automobile that deserves your full attention. Modelled on the luxury Volkswagen brand that we have come to know, combined with the robust technology that meets the demands of off-road terrain driving, this latest Tiguan offering does not disappoint.

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