Renault Captur 2017 Changes

The Renault Captur 2017 is designed to be a mini crossover sports utility vehicle. It was first introduced into the market in 2013 though it made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 2011. It is based on the 4th generation Clio and it can be customized on both the interiors and exteriors. The Captur has sold very well and has also won numerous awards for being a very affordable vehicle. In fact, in the year 2013 85000 units of the Captur were sold. This was surprising, as the carmaker did not expect it to sell so well. The success of the Captur has much to do with its design and the fact that its diesel and petrol engines delivered excellent fuel economy. What’s more the vehicle was also very attractively priced.

Renault Captur 2017 front

Renault Captur 2017 – Exterior and Interior Changes

The Captur’s body is made out of carbon fiber and it has a roof that can be removed. It rides on large 22-inch wheels and is a front-wheel drive vehicle. On the outside, the Renault Captur 2017 will look pretty much like the earlier model. It has a body that is designed to look like a beetle and in addition it also looks very efficient and attractive. It will be sold in many body color options and like its 2016 model it will have plenty of curves. It also gets excellent LED head and taillights and the wheels on which it rides are also very new and attractive.

On the inside, the Renault Captur 2017 has a nice cabin that has excellent color. The cabin is spacious and offers maximum comfort. The seats are upholstered in excellent fabric and are made from the best materials to give occupants a chance to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride. The cabin also gets standard features that include a nice infotainment system and touch screen. A navigation system is also provided, as too is a tilting steering wheel. Airbags as well as heated seats are other attractive features that make the Captur such a delight to ride in.

Renault Captur 2017 interior

Renault Captur 2017 – Engine Specs

These days, buyers are looking for crossover vehicles that are either powered by diesel engines or by petrol engines. This is why engineers at the Renault factory have decided to give buyers a chance to pick between diesel and petrol engine options. A 1.2-liter engine that is capable of producing 112 horsepower and 140 pound feet of twisting force powers the Captur. This engine can accelerate the Captur from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in just 11 seconds. A diesel engine (1.5-liter) is capable of producing 90 horsepower and 160 pound feet of twisting force. It generates enough power to accelerate the Captur from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in just 13 seconds. The Captur also delivers excellent fuel economy and it also does not produce too much dangerous emissions. The engines can either be mated to a 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Renault Captur 2017 side

Renault Captur 2017 – Release Date and Price

Although the Captur has not been around for a very long time, it has in the few short years of its existence managed to capture the buyer’s imagination. This means that the carmaker will not make too many changes to the price of the new Renault Captur 2017. So, expect to pay about 22,000 dollars for this vehicle. The Renault Captur 2017 will probably be available in the market in the beginning of 2017.

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