Mitsubishi ASX 2018 Concept, Release Date

Time and again Mitsubishi has come up with some of the best cars in the world and this time they have manufactured a masterpiece, Mitsubishi ASX 2018. Their cars have always been a symbol of status, luxury, and comfort. But with their new Mitsubishi ASX, they have raised the standards of SUV very high. The new and amazing version of ASX has been spotted on the European roads and we can promise you that you will be left in an awe of its new interior along with its elegant and expensive exterior. According to the latest news, we came to know that this coming SUV is going to be based on the XR-PHEV concept. Although there is a lot of similarities between both the cars, but the new SUV loses the fast roofline, clean surfaces and frameless windows.

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 front

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 – Modification That Will Include

The concept on which Mitsubishi ASX is built on is said to be the revised and improved concept of the original XR-PHEV concept and this idea was first introduced in a Tokyo Motor Show back in 2015. In the new ASX, the manufacturers have enhanced the overall air flow of the car and they have retained the front grille to some extent as well. Most of the changes have taken place at the rear fascia, such as a tall and a conventional glass-house; a rear end gives a square look instead of the old concept look. This allows improved visibility and enhanced headroom in the cabin.

Since it has the ability to offer more space when compared to other SUVs therefore; it is also going to be bigger than other SUVs. According to our sources, the car is going to be 4370mm long and 1870mm wide. The Nissan Qashqai and the XR-PHEV fall under the same size class. It is likewise reported that the Mitsubishi ASX 2018 may also feature a plug-in hybrid; still, most of the sales are going to be generated from the conventional diesel and petrol drivetrains.

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 side

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 – Engine Details

Since the car is going to be a good deal of moving on challenging terrains and debris, so it has to have a good strong engine. The company has done justice with the engine. The Mitsubishi ASX 2018 will be powered by turbocharged 1.1-liter of a gasoline engine. The engine would have the ability to generate 98 horsepower output and with the help of the 14 kWh battery pack, it would produce up to 160 hp. Besides this, the car will be offered with other engine options including turbo petrol engine and a diesel variant engine. The lighter it gets the better performance you will get along with improved fuel efficiency.

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 rear

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 – Price and Release Date

Mitsubishi price has yet to be announced or even estimated. But the car is expected to come out at the end of 2017 or early in 2018. Mitsubishi is to target the US market at first and later spread their wings. And then, let’s hope the car is able to pitch all that it has promised.

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