MG GS SUV Price, Interior

Are you passionate about cars? Do you love to ride the luxury in a grand way? Though there are various SUVs in the market but the most appealing amongst them is MG GS SUV. Surprised? Don’t be. Here are some exclusive details about the luxury car that would convince you totally as to why you deserve it. Almost at the same time BMW X6 is also getting launched, however you absolutely do not need to shift your focus. The latest BMW would be launched without much modification. Only few minor changes have been brought to the previous model which absolutely does not need your attention. So in case if you are planning for a luxury SUV than MG GS is worth a shot.


MG GS SUV – Looks and Shape

The new MG SUV shows off all the qualities of dynamism and confidence. In fact MG GS SUV was particularly designed in a way that would best suit the charisma and elegance of the MG family. The design can be considered as one of its USPs. The unique and dynamic design helps it to stand out from the crowd. The overall design and appearance of the car gives the owner a sense of pride and satisfaction. Along with the sleek lines and styling cues you can find the introduction of trapezoidal headlamps. Slim grille along with MG octagon batch is right in the center.

The interior design of the car is of course quite appealing and pleasing. There is enough space for each passenger who will be riding this car. Just have a look at its interior once and you will fall in love without any doubt. The classy and elegant looking car is the symbol of luxury, status and elegance. Your success gets reflected through it. The length of the car would be 4500 mm, its width would be 1675 mm and the height would be around 1675 mm.

MG GS SUV interior

MG GS SUV – Modification Under the Hood

Looks of a car is fine. But what really matters is its performance and efficiency. MG GS SUV scores the highest when you talk about its performance on road. It has a very powerful engine. The fuel efficient car comes with a 2.0 litre direct injection petrol engine, which provides enough 217 hp.  The drive will be wholly channeled via six speed dual clutch gearbox to either front wheel or four wheels. This would totally depend on buyer’s choice. In UK the model would be introduced with additional 1.8 litre diesel engine. MG GS SUV is undoubtedly the best SUV when compared to the other SUVs in the market. If you are planning to buy it then undoubtedly it is going to be your best buying choice till date.

MG GS SUV rear

MG GS SUV – Price and Release Date

It seems you are already too much excited to take a look at the SUV. Hold your breath, as the UK motors have decided to unveil it very soon. The car is going to be unveiled in June 2017. So get ready to bring home the all new SUV that would only enhance your image and taste. The least expensive car will definitely not burn a whole in your pocket. MG GS SUV has all the qualities of a good car. The price will be around 15,000 pounds ($22,000).

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