Mazda Koeru Concept Frankfurt, Interior

The Mazda Koeru Concept was unveiled in Frankfurt. This is a vehicle that presented with an aesthetic that is best described as modern and it will be a sporty, four door hatchback featuring the iconic and highly recognizable footprint and design of the automaker. According to early reports, the latest addition to the impressive portfolio of Mazda will afford automotive consumers with a variant of possibilities while expanding their target demographic.

Mazda Koeru Concept

Mazda Koeru Concept – Engine Specs

Under the hood of the new Mazda Koeru Concept vehicle, consumers will note that the power will be garnered from a four-cylinder, 2.3 liter power unit. This unit is said to incorporate the SkyActiv technology which will afford it with the ability to reach tops speeds of 125 miles per hour. In addition, the vehicle will be able to reach 60 miles per hour within a matter of a mere 7.5 seconds. It is currently unclear as to the drive train and the transmission that are coupled with the engine, but both must be quite impressive in their own right.

Mazda Koeru Concept front

Mazda Koeru Concept – Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the Mazda Koeru Concept is sporty, yet bold and features sharp lines that are (by far) the most dominant detail of the outside of the vehicle. The wheelbase of the vehicle measures in at 106.3 inches while the length is a manageable 181.1 inches. Per Mazda, the vehicle will reside within the automotive segment of the crossover, although the dimensions allow it to carry the classification of a large sedan. The sharp lines of the vehicle appear fantastic as customers note the large shield shape of the grille as well as the concept vehicle’s quite muscular fenders. At the rear on the side, automotive consumers will find large exhaust pipes as well as tail lights that are noticeably modern in design and functionality. Additionally, the concept vehicle has been equipped with the automotive giant’s NVH breakthrough technology that will afford both the driver and their passengers a guaranteed comfortable ride.

Within the interior of the new offering from Mazda there will be enough space to comfortably and securely accommodate five passengers. The center stack and the dash will be very easy to use and the layout will be brimming with the very latest in regards to automotive technologies that include the i-ACTIVSENSE technology. The interior will also play host to safety features that have been widely described via industry insiders as interesting. Automotive consumers will be thrilled to note that the interior will feature the 2 Mazda Connect Technology as well as incredibly advanced entertainment features and upgraded navigation.

Mazda Koeru Concept interior

Mazda Koeru Concept – Release Date and Price

Thus far it has not been officially announced by the iconic automaker as to when the production model of the Mazda Koeru Concept will become available for sale. There is also no indication or any estimation at this time in regards to the vehicle’s base price tag. According to a handful of experts within the industry, the vehicle will be released within the near future. How far into the future will that be? At this moment in time that is literally anyone’s guess. As we move forward into the upcoming year, it is certain that Mazda will begin to answer the imperative questions.

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