Hyundai ix25 Price

Hyundai is one of the biggest and most popular car producers in the market today. The Hyundai has tried to maintain this position by releasing high-quality models with amazing specs while trading them at prices that most of their customers will be able to afford. The firm is coming up with a new model that will be known as Hyundai ix25 and is set to be launched in the car market at later stages as time progresses. Compact SUVs are known to will be amazed to find good qualities in this model that you will find to be quite amazing.

Hyundai ix25 front

Hyundai ix25 – Exterior and Interior Features

Rumors have been spreading that the new ix25 is going to be based on the similar design that is used on all Hyundai SUVs models. It has been rumored that this upcoming model is going to bear some slight similarities with the Santa Fe model. Many believe that this model length will exceed the expected four meters by a few or more inches. One of the features that will be different in this model will be the increased length of the wheelbase. Improved wheelbase will allow the model to be more spacious than the predecessors meaning that it will allow for more luggage and passengers space. Another distinguishing feature about this model is the tapering window design and the unique looking grille. The wraparound lights make the Hyundai ix25 to be unique especially at night.

Some of the best features will include the engine auto start/stop feature that will engage automatically on detection of an object at proximity. An automatic adjusting air conditioning unit will ensure that the internal temperatures and air regulation are controlled to avoid extremities. LED lights and projector oriented headlamps will make sure that the visibility options of the driver have been improved. A flexible seating arrangement and mounted audio controls will be some of the extra features to be found in Hyundai ix25.

Leather seats will be available even on the lowest level of trim. A five-inch display has been placed on the dashboard and will house the infotainment system. An advanced and navigation system and modernized controls on the dashboard will ensure that maximum driving experience is gotten. The utility buttons are placed where the driver can easily access them with fewer constraints. Side and curtain airbags will act as some of the safety measures to be installed in this model.

Hyundai ix25 interior

Hyundai ix25 – Powertrain Options

It’s highly believed that this Hyundai ix25 SUV will be offered in four types of engines there will be a 1.4-liter VTVT and 1.6 liter CRDi diesel and petrol engines for increased convenience. Both manual and automatic transmission units will be available on the model meaning that the customers will have the choice of having their preferred transmission systems. Whether manual or automatic the transmission unit will be a six-speed system. The drive system provided is likely to be either front wheel drive or the rear wheel drive platforms.

Hyundai ix25 rear

Hyundai ix25 – Release Date and Approximated Price

The Hyundai ix25 is preferably cheaper when compared with the same models in that specific class. This distinguished model will debut in the market in the mid of 2016. The price of this model is expected to begin in the regions of around $18,000. This price may not be constant as it can shift due to various factors.

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