Hummer HX Concept Price, Specifications

The Hummer HX Concept has a whole new design. One that may make the fans not readily identify it. Not only does this vehicle has gotten a whole new look but it is now a nimbler vehicle. This change in design might be the best route for the makers of this vehicle to go with thanks to the rising gas price. The vehicle is designed by GM’s youngest designers and it shows in the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Hummer HX Concept

Hummer HX Concept – Unique Feature

The interior design of the Hummer HX Concept is inspired by the interior of aircrafts. Aluminum is used throughout the interior to get that effect. Although inspired by the interior of an aircraft, it keeps the traditional minimalistic Hummer interior. A four point harness is fitted to compact and light weight seats. Only speakers are connected in the vehicle with the USB connector option available for MP3 player. The three-pod cluster gauge has LCD screens that offer a highway and an off-road modes. The speedometer interchanges to wheel angle indicator. The navigation system and the compass are also options of the cluster.

Not much as change about the appearance to this model vehicle. The Hummer HX Concept looks like something from a science fiction movie but may be the best attribute of this vehicle is its detachable roof. This changes the appearance of the vehicle making it look more like the Chevy Avalanche-esque SUT. The doors and the bumper flares are detachable and the inside roof is also able to be removed.

Hummer HX Concept interior

Hummer HX Concept – Engine Specifications

Beneath the hood of the Hummer Concept sits a 3.6 liter V6 direct injected engine. The engine s one that is capable of making 304 horsepower and a torque of 273 pound per feet. This is more powerful than some previous version of this vehicle’s models. This engine system is mated with GM’s 6L50 six speed automatic transmission system that supplies power to the four-wheel drive system with center differential locking system. On all four corners are massive fifteen inch Brembo that gives the vehicle its stopping power. Twenty inch wheels Bridgestone thirty inch Dueler tires hide the binders.

Hummer HX Concept side

Hummer HX Concept – Price and Release Date

The release date for the Hummer HX Concept is not yet released by GM but speculations are that the vehicle will be available on the market by the middle of the year 2017. Enthusiast and potential buyers will have to wait for the official release of this information from GM before they get the exact price for the vehicle. The starting price for the Hummer HX Concept is not yet officially release but estimation of the price states the vehicle will be released with a value similar to the new Jeep. As with the release date, potential buyers and enthusiasts will have to wait for the official release of the information from GM. This is a vehicle that will be fun to drive and it is also a new age looking vehicle that you will be proud to own. This may be the new design that will govern the direction GM goes with the Hummer line.

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