Honda Avancier SUV Review, Price

China welcomes the Honda Avancier SUV. This new SUV with a coupe aspect by its silhouette with which the manufacturer wishes to reinforce its image builder vehicles of this nature. This is the new flagship of the Japanese brand for this segment as it is positioned just above the Honda CR-V with its wheelbase of 2,820 mm.

Perhaps the name of this vehicle sounds you because it has borrowed a crossover that Honda sold only in Japan between 1999 and 2003. Far from the previous concept, now it is a large SUV with outstanding performance, technology, and quality. It is the production model that has resulted based on the prototype Honda Concept D we saw last year in Shanghai, which recognizes that, has finally been very different respected the original concept. Currently, only two Honda SUVs are available in the Chinese market, one is the CR-V, which is positioned below the Advance and it is only sold by Dongfeng Honda; the other one is the HR-V, sold as X-RV by Dongfeng & Vezel, by Guangxi Honda.

Honda Avancier SUV front

Honda Avancier SUV –¬†Immaculate Design

It has a very dynamic front with headlights full LED front sharp look like the new Honda NSX, the chrome of your body accentuates its premium aspirations to give it a higher quality than their younger siblings and their black two-tone rims/multi-spoke design polished and sharp drop ceiling will finally an attractive design coupe silhouette ending later also LED optical technology.

The interior has the look of a high-end vehicle with leather upholstery and wood inserts. It highlights the great height of the central tunnel between the front seats to bring the glove compartment and center controls while has a large gap between the seats to leave various objects are completely without sight. Three-zone climate control has and the rear seats have a touch screen on the folding armrest.

In addition, we also noticed that its design has eliminated all kind of levers between the seats so that the parking brake is electric and the gear selector is very compact, would fail to see how the manual gearbox is integrated into the interior.

Honda Avancier SUV interior

Honda Avancier SUV – Engine Options

It is equipped with a 2.0-liter Sport Turbo 4-cylinder unit and a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated version for access. In addition to that,it has a spend-thrift fuel and less power, but more reliable by its simplicity and economy.

In both the six-speed transmission it is available even if we choose to automatic transmissions or 6-speed manual CVT. There are also rumors of a close variant with hybrid mechanics.

Honda Avancier SUV engine

Honda Avancier SUV – Release Date and Price

The new Honda Avancier SUV goes on sale in the last months of 2016 and even if it does not have a public price yet, Honda fans are waiting so excited for it. Like the Acura CDX, will be exclusively for the Chinese market and manufactured by the joint venture company formed by local Guangqi and Honda. It is also said that a hybrid version of this is going to be presented later, but it is just a rumor and has not been confirmed yet.

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