Cadillac XT3 Features

The Cadillac XT3 is a small luxurious crossover utility vehicle. This is Cadillac’s vehicle that is designed to compete with the Audi Q3, the BMW X3 and the Mercedes GLC. The manufacturers of this vehicle is looking to expand their portfolio and offering new and additional models. With the addition of this type of vehicle, the manufacturers of the Cadillac XT3 will be sure to offer a number of Cadillac vehicles with no prior models in the near and coming future.

Cadillac XT3

Cadillac XT3 – Fresh New Look

The interior of the new Caddie is still in the designing stage and still has a way to go before it will be ready for presentation. The console equipped within the cab of the vehicle has a V-shape and will either be tucked in the screen as standard or it will be a bigger screen with touch capability. There may also be the option for a CUE infotainment system and a larger console screen. It is the hope of enthusiasts that some of the features offered by this vehicle will be updated by the time the vehicle is officially released. The platform on which the 2018 Cadillac XT3 has not provided what fans have come to know and love in terms of features equipped within the cabin of the vehicle.

The exterior of the XT3 offers the original stylings of a Caddy. This is a smaller design vehicle that will be pitch to a younger audience and potential buyers. This vehicle is very compact in shape and design. The front end of the vehicle boast a large front grille that has a V-shape and resembles a shield. The headlights are LED in nature and sports a vertical design and look. At the rear end of the vehicle is the LED taillights that also has a vertical design. The vehicle also boast a three window design with double rising character lines to enhance the sporty design and appearance of the SUV. There is not a lot of ground clearance for this vehicle has it is designed to be used mostly in urban areas. There is a pair of side exhaust pipes that will be a standard feature of this model vehicle.

Cadillac XT3 side

Cadillac XT3 – Powerful Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood of the XT3 sits the option for the engine systems. This is a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo charged engine that may be able to produce 220 horsepower and a torque of about 250 pounds per feet. There will be a higher powered version of this engine system by EcoTec. The engine system is coupled with a six speed manual transmission that will be a standard for this vehicle’s model. There is also a ten speed automatic option with a GM-Ford joint venture gearbox.

Cadillac XT3 – Release Date and Price

The price for the Cadillac XT3 is not yet official released by the manufacturers of the vehicle but speculations are that the vehicle may just make its debut with a starting price of about $40,000. The release date of the vehicle has also not yet been officially released but speculations are that the Cadillac XT3 will hit the market by the last quarter of the year 2018.

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