BMW Urban Cross Performance, Price

BMW Company is always coming up with surprising models. The latest in this surprising list is the BMW Urban Cross. This model is going to be one of its kinds since the BMW Company has not ventured in the urban cross production. The introduction of this model will pose a fierce competition to its rival in that same class of cars.

BMW Urban Cross front

BMW Urban Cross – Interior and Exterior Design

The model headlamps have been improved to cope misty and rainy conditions. The BMW Urban Cross features a wider wheelbase that will increase the leg space needed by passengers. The model will have a wider track, and this means that the drive will achieve more control during wet conditions as the instances of slipping are massively of the emerging trends in the car industry is the use of lightweight materials in the production of body parts and decoration of models.

Use of steel and aluminum is noted, and this will reduce the overall weight of the models. Low weight vehicles are stable compared to those with extra weight. On the dashboard, you will find an automatic navigation system that will provide the option 3D map viewing. The navigation system will work in conjunction with a satellite to provide accurate directions. Real-time traffic updates will be received on this panel. Weather updates including external temperatures can be displayed on this display. Power steering has been included. Cup holders are also included in this model.

The steering has received leather covering to help the drive to have a better grip on the steering. The inclusion of attractive LED lights will make the model to look appealing. This model will feature a slightly shorter overhang and a large front bumper. The unique head up crisp display has been installed for better viewing of the dashboard. The dashboard will be operated by a mixture of push buttons and a touch screen. Safety features will include airbags, auto-braking system, pre-collision warning signals and blind spot monitoring. A 360 degrees rear view camera has been included.

BMW Urban Cross side

BMW Urban Cross – Engine and Performance

The engine of BMW Urban Cross will have a range of cylinders starting from three, four or six cylinders, and a dual turbocharger. The engine is also bigger than the one found in the current models. The high number of revolutions per minute will most likely increase the rate of combustion and thus increasing the rate of power delivery. The engine of this model will have a high output of around 450 hp and torque of 470 lbs/ft. Use of direct injection system will better the fuel economy. The model will be provided in an eight-speed automatic or the usual six-speed manual system.

The inclusion of double clutch will be a great idea since it will improve the time needed when shifting gears, and this will significantly reduce the cases of gear hunting. The engine has a better suspension and an improvised differential. The aerodynamic of the vehicle have been improved for better [performance. will have the benefits of an upgraded differential and an improved suspension. This BMW Urban Cross will be able to gain speeds of up to 60 mph within a range of four seconds. There is a possibility that the model will be compatible with an electric engine.

BMW Urban Cross rear

BMW Urban Cross – Release Date and Price

No one has confirmed, but it’s speculated that the BMW Urban Cross will be released in the early parts of 2017 at a starting price of $30,000.

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