Audi Q6 2018 Upcoming Features and Price

When a car is built, there are certain features that make it distinct and unique in its own way. The price and demand for a car can be affected drastically by its look, design, specifications or any other salient feature that can definitely propel then to the top or bottom of the wish list of a customer. But the factors that any customer won’t be compromising are luxury and fuel economy, along with the brand. That’s where Audi scores a notch higher than its rivals when it comes to producing luxury cars with great specification. The Audi Q6 2018 is expected to provide just that, along with some cool features and better ergonomics but still could be reasonably priced.

Audi Q6 2018 front

Audi Q6 2018 – Design and Features

Audi has been a strong promoter of style along with features in their cars over the ages. The upcoming Q6 should not be much different. Saying that, we can always expect a sporty and trendy exterior designs with angular headlight and taillights, door and body with contours, a mesmerizing front grille among a few features. The headlights are expected to be utilizing the latest M-OLED technology which reduces the glare and the intensity can be dimmed, if necessary. But the interior design has been kept hushed up by the manufacturers, but it is expected that the upholstery will be quite eye-catching as always.

The Audi Q6 2018 is all set to have a comfortable seating arrangement for four grown passengers, but there is always more surprise under the hood. With the speculations of introducing a lot of technologies like using cameras instead of rear-view mirrors or application of radar for autopilot, the dashboard is also going to be revamped completely.

Audi Q6 2018 rear

Audi Q6 2018 – Upgrades Under the Hood

The major modification, which is rumored to be taken place, could be the design of the engine, which would take the fuel economy to a different level. The Audi Q6 2018 is speculated to include the e-Tron Quattro concept which debuted in the Frankfurt Auto expo in 2015. The car deploys the electronic engine which is expected to provide quite some power and will produce almost 500 hp, giving the car an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. It employs one front wheel motor which is used for maneuvering low-speed drives, but at high speed, it deploys two more motors at the rear wheel of the car that can reach a top speed of almost 130 mph. It boasts of a heavy-duty Li-ion battery at 95 kWh provided by Samsung, and will use technologies like fast charging, which will recharge the battery to 80% level with 30 minutes of plugging in. On a full battery, the car can run a staggering 330 miles or 500 km, even at quite a moderate speed.

Audi Q6 2018 – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

Though the specifications and the exact price has been kept under the covers till now, the release date is expected to be at around mid-2018 and priced in between its Q5 and Q7 models. With a competitive price and awe-inspiring features Audi Q6 is expected to be one of the most awaited cars in the future and would be competing with other cars like Tesla Model X.

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