Audi Q1 Concept, Specifications

A new car model is set to hit the market in March next year. It’s been a while since Audi released a solitary authority outline and affirmed it would put the Audi Q1 SUV into production, however, this is the first physical proof that the Q’s infant sibling is nearing consummation. With the plans for its official release in 2016, it will feature a guard long time for Audi with an all-new Q5 and A5 Coupe additionally do one year from now.

Audi Q1 front

Audi Q1 – Exterior and Interior Changes

The new MQB stage from the VW Group is going to get a lot of cycles in the following year. It will be supporting an entire slew of little SUVs from the organization. Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen SUVs are all in transit, all going for the space underneath vehicles like the Skoda Yeti and Audi Q3. There ought to be extensive funds in both speculation and time on the off-chance that they share the regular stage, and those advantages ought to be gone on to customers. The main vehicle to rise in this project is the Audi Q1, which we ought to see at the Geneva engine show in March 2016. The Q1 will be founded on the stage that at present supports the three-entryway Audi A3.

The starting point for this new Q1 and is the short wheelbase MQB platform, as is used by the Audi A3, three-door. It uses 2601 mm wheelbase as compared to 2637 mm wheelbase like the 5-door A3. The engineers involved in the Audi Q1’s creation say its suspension is developed in a way that it accepts wheels of up to 19 inch.

Audi Q1 interior

Audi Q1 – Engine Specifications

Among the engines planned for this new baby SUVs ranges from three-cylinder to four-cylinder for petrol and diesels ranging in capacity from one to two litres. They will be mated to either a 6-speed manual or even a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. They will also come with a plug-in-hybrid power-train similar the one used in A3 e-tron and the Golf GTE. This is meant to give them with a zero electric emissions range of way up to 31 miles. In general, the Volkswagen Group’s new models are expected to have same dimensions to the VW T-Roc concept, wheeled out at the Geneva show IN 2014, at about 4200 mm long, 1830 mm wide and 1500 mm tall.A hot SQ1 could utilize the same powertrain as the current S1, specifically a 221 hp 2.0-liter TFSI petrol engine and quattro all-wheel drive. On the other hand, MQB will permit the utilization of a S tronic twin-grip programmed transmission – the current S1 is just accessible with a six-speed manual gearbox. Quattro 4×4 appears to be likely for both the SQ1 and the Audi Q1 in spite of the fact that by far most of Q1 deals will be front-wheel drive.

Audi Q1 rear

Audi Q1 – Price and Release Date

Costs ought to start in the middle of $24,000 and $30,000 for the distinctive brands inside of the group. Well, there you have it, be ready for this super model. The First spy shots of this brand new Audi Q1 are available online, showing the new SUV that’s due next year, you can have a glimpse!

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