2018 Lotus SUV Review, Price

The new 2018 Lotus SUV is a small sized SUV designed with a very luxurious cab. The vehicle is dated to follow the release of the new Aston Martin and the Bentley. The release of this vehicle is a strategy need by the manufacturers to help keep the brand current and important for the coming years. The higher production of and the mass market appeal is the theme of the strategy being used. The vehicle will be built in China and sold to the Asian people first. This vehicle might be the fastest ad lightest in it class. It is also not clear if the vehicle will ever be available to people in the US.

2018 Lotus SUV

2018 Lotus SUV – A lot of New Features

The interior of the new 2018 Lotus SUV is based off the Aston Martin. The cab is very practical and very functional. It comfortably seats five persons. The vehicle is designed to appeal more to women buyers and drivers with the versatility I and usability it offers. The overall interior of the vehicle offers the best in comfort but with more emphasis on the comfort of the driver and front seat passenger. The cab of the 2018 Lotus SUV as a very high end appearance and feel with only the best quality materials used in the design.

The 2018 Lotus has a lightweight construction and has similarities in appearance with the Lotus APX Concept. The overall appearance of the vehicle is one that is aggressive in design. The final look of the vehicle is not yet finalized but it is most likely that this vehicle is a smaller and modified version of the Lotus APX Concept. The vehicle is a sleek but aggressive vehicle thanks to its lines and curved edges.

2018 Lotus SUV interior

2018 Lotus SUV – Engine and Performance

The engine options available for this vehicle will include a 1.6 liter inline four engine. The 3.5 liter V6 engine from Toyota and the options for the European market. The hybrid and the diesel options for this vehicle may only be offered in European countries. The fuel to mileage ratio of the vehicle is still not sure as the final decision on engine option is not yet finalized. The fuel mileage of any of the proposed engine will be low so you can be sure you are getting a fuel efficient vehicle.

2018 Lotus SUV rear

2018 Lotus SUV – Price and Release Date

The release date for the 2018 Lotus SUV is not yet finalized. Promotion of the vehicle will begin seriously in 2017. All information on the release date and price are speculations and buyers will have to wait on official releases before they make their budgets. The price for the 2018 Lotus SUV is speculated at a price of $100,000 for the base version and increases as the trim gets higher. This is only a speculation and buyers will have to wait for the official releases. This is a vehicle that will offer the best in comfort to all its passengers. It is a vehicle that anyone would be proud to drive and even prouder to own. It perfectly combines the power of a SUV with the comfort and usability of a car to make the ultimate crossover.

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