2018 Kia Subcompact Review, Release Date, Price

So when people see 2018 Kia Subcompact they immediately think about the Kia Soul. They almost want to say that it could be a part of the crossover cars but it does not possess the size that is needed or all-wheel drive that is required for that type of vehicle. But we will say there are visible comparisons that you cannot miss. This car is very low key and in recent photos, you can see that most of the car is covered up and the shape is somewhat visible to the seeing eye. But this makes for a great anticipation of what is to come.

2018 Kia Subcompact front

2018 Kia Subcompact – Design


Right now it is hard to tell what the inside of the 2018 Kia Subcompact is going to look like. There are photos of the vehicle but the vehicle is under wraps and no one is spilling the beans about the interior design. It looks like we will have to wait until the beginning of 2017 to hear more news about it. If we are lucky they may give more information before the year is over. If we cross our fingers our wishes could come true.


They wanted a different look for this vehicle so when making the headlights they added a second set right above them. This will help with seeing better at night. It will eliminate a number of nighttime accidents and allow better vision through a fog and any other natural weather occurrences. And another added feature that most people will not guess is the fact that they LED light technology will be utilized here. The body on this one from what we can see in the photos is a rounded off body with somewhat of boxy areas along the middle area. Once again, when we get more information we will be excited to share what we have found.

2018 Kia Subcompact

2018 Kia Subcompact – Expected Engine Details

Now with 2018 Kia Subcompact being a huge secret and all in every aspect, trying to find out what is under the hood was kind of difficult. But with much research, we were able to figure it out. Kia could not hide it forever. What we happened to find out was that the engine underneath the hood was going to feature a 2.0-liter four cylinder and 1.6-liter turbocharged four cylinders. With this first option what you can expect is to generate the 164 hp. The second one you can assume to be a little bit stronger at 200 hp.


Can we find out who stands a chance up against this masterpiece? Yes, we can. The Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3, Fiat 500X, and Chevrolet Trax have a chance of being a match to this bad boy. There is much talk about these options and with some research they have done a good job with the engine, exterior, and interior.

2018 Kia Subcompact rear

2018 Kia Subcompact – Release Date & Price

This beautiful piece of steel will not be put on display and sold until the end of 2017, pretty early into 2018. Many are looking forward to this vehicle. When they do release the vehicle they will be starting it off at $20,000.

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