2018 Honda Pilot Release Date, Redesign

Given that the vehicle line is still so very fresh, most industry experts and critics do not foresee a number of changes in store for the 2018 Honda Pilot. It is true that the crossover is a part of the fastest growing segment of the automotive industry, but the line has been consistently competitive and impressive. It first arrived on the market only a year and a half ago and the previous model came with a number of changes in order to enhance its appeal. This is part of the reason why not much is expected to be modified for the forthcoming addition to the Pilot portfolio. Do keep in mind that currently there is not a great deal of information that is currently available regarding the vehicle, but what is known will be discussed below.

2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot –¬†Drivetrain Configuration

Under the hood of the forthcoming offering of the Honda Pilot will not feature any changes. Therefore, the power will be garnered from a 3.5-liter V-6 power unit that is able to deliver a maximum output of 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. This unit will have a choice of two transmission options. The base model will have its engine smartly paired with an automatic six-speed gearbox. As an option, consumers will be able to choose an automatic nine-speed transmission.

2018 Honda Pilot side

2018 Honda Pilot – Redesign Features

According to unofficial automotive websites, the 2018 Honda Pilot will feature a more attractive aesthetic. This new exterior look will include an adapted front fascia that will be in accordance with the company’s new design language as well as lines that are much sharper. Other than that, the base characteristics of the vehicle are said to remain virtually unchanged. There are some that believe that this mid-cycle vehicle will be afforded a minute refreshing to the exterior aesthetic. With that being said, consumers may be presented with a small amount of tweak that will cause the crossover vehicle to present to consumers more significantly. This is all that is known regarding the exterior of the vehicle at this time, certainly more information or renderings will become available in the next few months.

Unfortunately, there has been no information reported or truly speculated regarding the interior cabin of the forthcoming 2018 Honda Pilot. Even with that, it is fairly safe for consumers to assume that the cabin will be brimming with comfort, functionality as well as convenience. Due to the history and reputation of the motor company, consumers can expect great automotive technologies and gadgetry as well as impeccable safety features. The spacing should be comforting enough to accommodate all types of drivers and passengers.

2018 Honda Pilot interior

2018 Honda Pilot – Release Date and Price

It is far too early to speculate regarding the release of the 2018 Honda Pilot and the motor company has yet to release such information. The base pricing information has not been announced either; and industry insiders, experts, and critics have not formed any estimations either. More than likely, the vehicle will not veer far from the current base pricing of $34,000. As we begin to move closer to the end of the year, it is certain that the automaker will release more specified information regarding the popular crossover vehicle.

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