2018 BMW X2 Changes, Price

The BMW Company introduced the first of its X series in the year 2010, since that time they have never introduced an X2 model. When they introduced the X models, they wanted to introduce large SUVs that had, maximum power delivery, better handling, and high-quality features. The company seems not to have disappointed. The release of the upcoming 2018 BMW X2 is waited with much anticipation.

2018 BMW X2 front

2018 BMW X2 – Interior and Exterior Design

The model will be slightly different from the other editions of the BMW X series. Changes on the hood and the grille will give the model a rugged and tough look. Extensive use of aluminum and carbon materials has been put into good uses. Use of these materials greatly reduces the weight of the 2018 BMW X2; reduced weight will enhance maximum fuel utilization and also makes the model more stable. The hood will be slightly lower than that found in the previous models. This will ensure maximum airflow in the front side, and this will prevent overheating of the engine.

The ground clearance will be upped by several inches to enable this model to cover more distance in rugged terrain. There is an inclusion of a multiplayer, and this means that skidding or driving off the track in slippery conditions will be a thing of the past. The model will have a refreshed interior surface that will give the passenger and the driver a comfortable environment. This model will be a four-seater, and the most surprising thing is that the model will only have two doors. The 2018 BMW X2 will have good handling while navigating through tight spots and parking garages.

On the dashboard be sure to find the latest technology installed to support the infotainment system. The global positioning system has been complemented with an automatic navigation system. The driver will have the capability of getting climatic and real-time traffic updates. Connectivity will be available via WI-FI and USB ports. This dashboard will also support the hands-free calling feature. Users will have the ability to play music from their compatible smartphones via the wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Other extra features include electronically operated windows and keyless entry system. Some of the safety features will include the automatic braking system, sensors for lane departure and a 360 degrees view back camera that will monitor the blind spot.

2018 BMW X2 interior

2018 BMW X2 – Engine and Performance

This upcoming variant is expected to be powered by a 1.5 L three-cylinder gasoline engine. This engine is expected to have a twin turbocharger. The hybrid version of the model is expected to run on a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine that will have four cylinders. The 1.5 liter engine will be available with the front wheel drive model. A 2.0liter engine will be available on the all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive will be released as a premium version. The model will have a high rate of fuel efficiency since these types of engines will use the direct injection system. The transmission system available will either be Six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic delivery system.

2018 BMW X2 will have a high acceleration rate, achieving up to 60 mph in less than 5.5 seconds. The top speed of this model will be around 132 mph.Optimum fuel utilization is going to ensure that there will be maximum power delivery. The hybrid model will only be available in Europe.

2018 BMW X2 rear

2018 BMW X2 – Release Date and Price

This 2018 BMW X2 is expected to be in the market in the late months of the year 2018.The model is rumored to go for prices not lower than $90000.

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