2017 Toyota 4Runner Redesign, Price

Excellent and superior driving specifications have made the luxury drive very easy. Today, everyone can purchase a vehicle fulfilling the desired requirements. In this regard, Toyota is the most powerful name. This company is providing numerous opportunities to the fans. Nowadays, the luxury SUV options are being more and more attractive. Toyota is launching several SUV drives for the fans. Recently, it has announced to upgrade the 4Runner series. This series is really attractive for the SUV lovers. It is known that new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will win the trust of customers very quickly.

2017 Toyota 4Runner front

2017 Toyota 4Runner – Exterior and Interior

Talking about the design reveals a classic structural theme. Toyota is interested to utilize a simple but modern approach. It is expected that Toyota will reduce the total structural weight by using steel and aluminum.

On the exterior side, Toyota has planned to bring marvelous changes. The new 2017 Toyota 4Runner SUV will be impressive because of its luxury but sporty appearance. There are considerable modifications revealed by the manufacturer. The most significant changes will be made in grille, headlights, tires, rims and indicators. The bonnet of this vehicle is simple with no upraised margins. Tires are 18 inches with aluminum alloy rims. The vehicle has LED based indicators and headlights. Both are present in a single box. The grille is different than traditional style. It has small openings with a two sectioned portion. Overall appearance of the vehicle is robust and aggressive.

Interior is designed according to the modern changes. There are multiple luxury functions. The features installed in this vehicle provide an amazing drive experience. The interior is equipped with power steering, a new gearbox, luxury seats, attractive leather upholstery and two speedometers. The interior functions include automatic temperature control with weather updates, GSM, GPS and upgraded aerodynamics. This improved version of aerodynamics will help to lessen the air friction. The high speed SUV has a large Touchscreen (7 inches) with 8 speakers. The infotainment section is equipped with digital sound system. Navigation, Google maps, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and smartphone connectivity options are present.

2017 Toyota 4Runner interior

2017 Toyota 4Runner – Engine Options

The Toyota 4Runner will come with two types of engine. First one is V-6 with 4.0 litersfuel capacity. It will generate 270 hp and 250 lb ft torque. On the other hand, second engine will be V8 type with 4.0 liters fuel capacity. It will supply extra amount of energy. A 5-speed automatic transmission is expected in both setups. This all-wheel drive option will come with optional front wheel drive.

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner will cover at least 18 miles per gallon in city. Long drive with high speed will cover 21 miles per gallon.

2017 Toyota 4Runner rear

2017 Toyota 4Runner – Release Date and Price

Price of 2017 Toyota 4Runner will be $35,000 to 44,500 in USA. This vehicle will get appearance in USA, UK and China after March 2016. Detroit Auto Show is the most expected introduction venue. The 2017 Toyota 4Runner will compete with the Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Raptor, Chevy Blazer and Ford F150.  Safety options are airbags, safety alarms, anti-lock brakes and safety locks with rearview camera.

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