2017 Opel Karl Rocks Release Date, Power Expectations

The 2017 Opel Karl Rocks are expected to create a big impact in the market. A car is really important to define the status of any person. So, this particular SUV comes with an elegant look and at the same time it is expected to be quite a high performing as well. This car is expected to have a huge improvement in design and performance from its earlier versions, so it can be expected that the customer satisfaction rates will be quite high.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks front

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – Dynamic Exterior

The exterior portion of a car really helps to define the look of that particular car and 2017 Opel Karl Rocks is no different. There are some changes in the exterior design is noticed and the first thing which is noticed is the change in the height which is raised into 18mm. The front and the rear bumpers are now integrated with the wheel house moldings and skid pads and at the same time, the design has become little bit rugged as well. There are also some changes are noticed in the wheel arches as the car will ride on 15 inches wheel which has bi-color look. There are some silver rails are added on the roof, so it will make the car little bit more attractive.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks side

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – Boastful Interior

The interior part of every car is as important as the exterior part. The interior part of a car plays a crucial role to provide all sorts of facilities and satisfactions to the passenger of the car. The car comes with very firmly looked audio equipment. The usage of modern technologies is also reflected in the interior portion of the car as smart turning facility and smart auto features are added to the car. The connectivity facility of the car is also quite good as Android auto compatibility and Apple Car Play is featured in this car. Other connectivity facilities which are added in this car are Radio 4.0intellilnk and Radio 300.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks interior

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – Power Expectations

The engine is the most important part of any car as the engine of any car plays a very important role to define the performance of that car. Opel has not disclosed much information about different features of the engine but rumors from different trusted sources helped to give a fair idea about the engine. The engine comes with 3 cylinders of 1.0-liter which can help to produce the power of 75 hp. So it can be understood that the engine will be able to provide a good amount of speed. In the urban traffic areas, the car can easily maintain a speed of 18 mph. The capacity of the engine is about 1013 litters up to the roof. So it can be understood that the engine performance of the car is quite impressive.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – Price and Release Date

The price of the 2017 Opel Karl Rocks is expected to be quite reasonable and the features provided by this car are quite attractive at the same time as well. This car is expected to come out at the Paris Motor Show in early 2017.

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