2017 Opel Antara Review, Price

Through a continuous collaborative effort between Opel and General Motors, comes the 2017 Opel Antara. This forthcoming sport utility vehicle has been expressly designed with an updated style that will afford it with exterior features that are best described as outstanding. Additionally, the vehicle will have an interior that will be equipped with a variant of modern features that will enhance levels of convenience, quality comfort and functionality. This new addition to the collective portfolios of General Motors and Opel will present automotive buyers with a reliable and strong engine that is outfitted with improved fuel economy. It does need to be noted that the upcoming model variant of the Antara is targeted [more] towards younger buyers within the market.

2017 Opel Antara front

2017 Opel Antara – Engine Specs

The primary power source for the new 2017 Opel Antara will be that of a turbo charged 2.0 liter diesel LGT Econet engine that is able to deliver an output of 256 horsepower and 260 pounds per feet of torque. This power unit will find itself paired with an automatic six speed gearbox and coupled with four wheel drive. The fuel efficiency is said to be rated fairly high while the carbon emissions have been reduced. It has also been reported that the engine allows the vehicle to reach 60 miles per hour within a matter of a mere 8 seconds.

2017 Opel Antara side

2017 Opel Antara – Exterior and Interior

The design of the forthcoming Antara is based upon the Theta platform, which has also been used on the Chevy Captive. This five door, compact sport utility vehicle will have a sleek looking exterior along with a new grille that will cause it to have an aggressive aesthetic. The LED equipped headlights are quite elegant looking and extend to nearly the middle of the vehicle’s bonnet. The rear of the 2017 Opel Antara has new tail lights that are now more visible as well as sleeker than those of its predecessor. Consumers will also note that addition of a new damper chrome bezels and the fact that the sport utility vehicle sits atop 19 inch alloy wheels with suspension springs that have been made stronger.

The interior of the new sport utility vehicle will be brimming with modern automotive technology, safety features and security features. The cabin will be draped in in premium quality upholstery and outfitted with spacious seating. Additionally, automotive buyers are afforded an ideal amount of cargo spacing for any family whether travelling or conducting routine errands. The dash will present a new design as well as being organized in a manner that is far more interactive. Within the dash, consumers will find a large color touch screen for the controlling and monitoring of a number of the vehicle’s features. There are reports that indicate that the drive will be afforded better handling ability and control via the steering wheel becoming more sensitive. Also, both the driver and their passengers will enjoy the zonal temperature regulator that has been improved upon.

2017 Opel Antara interior

2017 Opel Antara – Release Date and Price

It is highly expect that the 2017 Opel Antara will find its way into dealership showrooms by the middle of the upcoming year. There has been no official mention as to what the base price tag for the new sport utility vehicle will be, but insiders and experts within the industry estimate it to fall within the neighborhood of $20,000.

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