2017 Mitsubishi Montero Release Date, Sport

The Montero (which is more widely known as the Pajero) was first introduced to the automotive market in the calendar year of 1982. During said time, consumers were introduced to four generations of the sport utility vehicle. The current generation was launched in the year 2006 and there are rumors that a full redesign is forthcoming. Although, we are not aware of when the redesign will happen, we have been teased that it will be in the form of the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero. Per industry insiders that are fairly close to the popular automaker, they are currently working on the next generation of the vehicle and it will be presented in the form of the forthcoming model variant.

2017 Mitsubishi Montero front

2017 Mitsubishi Montero – Engine Specs

The precise specifications of the powertrain for the new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero have not been released as of yet. Currently, the automaker has made the public at large aware of the fact that there will be a hybrid power train offered to consumers. The standard, base model of the line will garner its power from a 3.0 V-6 gasoline engine. There are a number of rumors that additionally indicate that power will also be garnered from a diesel powered engine. Unofficial reports that stem from a variant of automotive websites contend that the power unit options will be intelligently mated with an automatic eight speed transmission.

2017 Mitsubishi Montero side

2017 Mitsubishi Montero – Exterior and Interior

Rumors contend that the interior of the vehicle will be covered in comforting and durable materials while brimming edge to edge with features that will enhance the convenience and functionality of the cabin. The safety features of the vehicle are also believed to have been enhanced. Should this vehicle stay the course with other lines that are offered by the automaker, the interior will be equipped with the most up to date in regards to automotive technologies.

It is currently unknown as to precisely what the latest addition to the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero will look like. Even though a redesign is widely expected from the line, there has been absolutely no confirmation of this from the company itself. With that being said, the current model version of the line has been categorized as possessing capabilities that are excellent along with qualities that make it more than competitive within its respective market. The current offering of the model has one main problem that pertains to its visual characteristics. This is said to have been remedied while updated automotive technologies have been afforded to the vehicle to ensure that automotive buyers will more more than satisfied with the new member of the Montero/Pajero family. The body frame of the vehicle will bolster an expressly traditional body on frame structure (this too as yet to be confirmed via the company).

2017 Mitsubishi Montero interior

2017 Mitsubishi Montero – Release Date and Price

There has yet to be an official announcement made as to when consumers should or can expect for the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero will arrive in dealership showrooms. Do to the utter lack of truly specified information, there are also no estimated base pricing available on the vehicle. Certainly, as we draw closer to the start of next year, the popular automaker will begin to release more specified information regarding the forthcoming vehicle.

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