2017 Mercedes GLA Review, Price

The GLA is a luxury level compact crossover vehicle that made its way into the automotive marketplace as a 2014 model late within the calendar year of 2013. This is one of the first models that adapted the new naming policy of the iconic automaker, which entails the use of a trio of letters. The third of the letters services as an indication of the vehicle’s size and class. With that being said, the GLA is an A class sport utility vehicle. The 2017 Mercedes GLA has been afforded a small offering of modifications and will present to consumers with a mid-cycle refresh.

2017 Mercedes GLA

2017 Mercedes GLA – Engine Options

When it comes to the power garnered under the hood of the new GLA, it has been widely reported that the engine options will remain unaltered. This means that within the automotive market of United States will receive two variants to choose from. The base model will find itself powered via a turbo charged I-4 2.0 liter that is able to deliver 208 horsepower and 258 pounds per feet of torque. This power unit will be smartly paired with an automatic seven speed gearbox and coupled with the option of all-wheel drive. The model will also be available in the AMG high performance variant that will use the engine mentioned above while outfitted with a BorgWarner twin-scroll turbo charger. The output for this variant will be upwards of 355 horsepower and 332 pounds per feet of torque. It will be mated with a seven speed sports AMG speedshift DCT gearbox.

2017 Mercedes GLA side

2017 Mercedes GLA – Exterior and Interior Changes

It is widely expected that the new addition to the Mercedes portfolio will arrive with a number of modifications and alterations. The details behind the refresh remain quite a mystery, while industry conjecture continues to grow exponentially. Per reports, the base characteristics of the sport utility vehicle will be retained which means that the vehicle will continue to ride on the same platform (which was borrowed from the A class). It has also been said that a number of parts will be adopted from the b class models of the luxury automaker.

The changes that are said to be afforded to the vehicle will more than likely result in some changes in regards to its visual aspect. Per industry insiders close to the automaker, consumers should expect to see an improved aesthetic with changes being (mostly) directed to the front end of the 2017 Mercedes GLA. According to current industry rumors, the headlights and grill will be revisited. Within the interior of the new sport utility vehicle will have the same styling that will include its highly recognizable circular air vents. The only changes to the interior that are rumored to be new color details and quite possibly new interior materials.

2017 Mercedes GLA interior

2017 Mercedes GLA – Release Date and Price

Per reports stemming from unofficial automotive websites, the 2017 Mercedes GLA will arrive within the market at some point in the calendar year 2017. This has not been officially confirmed by the automaker, but the speculation stems from the fact that it will be the fourth year of the model’s production. Although it has not been confirmed, it is rumored that the 2017 Mercedes GLA will be released at some point in the calendar year of 2017. The estimated base price is believed to be within the neighborhood of $32,000.

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