2017 Lincoln Aviator Review, Price

In the US auto market, in 2017 there will be a thunder when 2017 Lincoln Aviator will hit competitive marketplace. This is a SUV generation with a smart design, best interior and exterior look. Design of this vehicle seems very similar to BMW and Toyota brands. Grille design and horizontal front both give a new beauty to car. It is also considered a wonderful SUV automotive with more attractive mileage, engine options and best performance on roads.

2017 Lincoln Aviator front

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Exterior and Interior Design

Look of this vehicle is not totally new, but there are many specs internally and externally that have been modified and some are completely changed. That is why; Lincoln Aviator looks similar to several latest models of various auto manufacturers. However, this carries beautiful top and internal cabin with sufficient space for passenger seats. For luggage accommodation, there is enough space at the back and internal climate control system makes the car more environment friendly for everyone.

Technically, the 2017 Lincoln Aviator is sum of all latest technologies, hardware components and software integration. This vehicle owes many latest devices that keep driver and other travelers updated about the road, brakes, access control, safety measures and warning before the collision. Externally, it has powerful headlights with greatest intensity, LED lights as indicators and front grille in a new design. Rear and front tires are wider in dimension and the heavy bumpers cover these tires. With more stable and proficient excel the wheelbase are able to turn and move quickly. Look of wheelbase is quite interesting with stylish holes and cuts. Very soft and easy controllable steering wheel has few additional functions. Hybrid engines make this car a powertrain for on road traveling. Additional safety measures have also been included in this SUV car and passengers will feel complete safety during a long drive.

2017 Lincoln Aviator rear


Engine options in 2017 Lincoln Aviator are three, but two are general and one is only for special Aviator models like Sports and flatter vehicles for off-road traveling. The first engine is 2.3 liter Turbocharged I-4 EcoBoost that is more powerful and capable to produce 360 horsepower. 3.5 V6 EcoBoost is the second engine option that is generally matted with early unit to produce an awesome productivity, mileage and performance. An optional engine for Aviator brands is 3.5 Ti-VCT that is specified for only nominated SUB family members.

Like other models and generations of SUV and Sedan families, Lincoln Aviator also gives a better mileage that will be 22 mpg inside the traffic areas like town, city and markets. But, this mileage will move to 28 mpg outside such eras like on highways.

2017 Lincoln Aviator side

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Price and Release Date

2017 Lincoln Aviator will be released very early of 2017 and the price is a doubtful term for customers. But, the company seems interested to charge for this generation $35,250. In global, especially USA based auto market the 2017 Lincoln Aviator will have several automotive manufacturers as its competitors like Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX, Ford Expedition, Nissan Patrol and Infiniti QX80. For safety of travelers, seat belts, emergency brakes, automated warning systems and airbags for everyone are main measures.

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