2017 Ford Kuga Release Date, Interior

One of the most important automotive markets for the Ford Motor Company is that of Europe. Within this division, many models are developed and designed in order to expressly tackle the unique needs of the consumers of the European marketplace. With that being said, it is no wonder that there is a great deal of anticipation surrounding the 2017 Ford Kuga. This is a vehicle that was first introduced to the European automotive market in the calendar year 2007 and is currently ready to present to consumers as the second offering of the second generation of the vehicle. Given that there was a wondrous mid-cycle refresh afforded to the vehicle recently, there is not much hope for a number of radical modifications to materialize. The automotive giant has kept fairly mum in regards to what consumers should expect from the new Kuga, but what is known will be shared with you below.

2017 Ford Kuga front

2017 Ford Kuga – Engine Specs

Under the hood of the new 2017 Ford Kuga, there are said to be no changes as compared to the current model offering. The power for the vehicle will continue to derive from a duo of gasoline powered EcoBoost engines. The first of which is that of a 1.6 liter engine that is capable of a maximum output of upwards of 148 as well as 180 brake horsepower. The second power unit option is a 2.0 liter engine that is able to provide an estimated output of upwards of 240 brake horsepower. Additionally, consumers will have the ability to opt for a diesel powered engine. That engine is a Duratorq 2.0 liter that will have an output range of 138 to 178 brake horsepower.

2017 Ford Kuga rear

2017 Ford Kuga – Exterior and Interior

Given the fact that previous offerings of the 2017 Ford Kuga have been so well constructed and received, it has been introduced to a variant of automotive markets globally. The design is impeccable as well as highly functional and approachable. For instance, within the United States, the vehicle is sold under the Escape badge and has gained a consistent fan base. Consumers will need to note that the overall characteristics of the 2017 model variant will be shared with that of the outgoing model of the line. This means that all of the recent changes will be present within the new addition to the Ford portfolio including its refreshed aesthetic. Additionally, the front fascia has been redesigned in order to properly feature the automotive giant’s recognizable and iconic design language. Automotive consumers of the United States will easily note that the new Ford Kuga will have a front fascia and rear end that are very similar to that of the Ford Edge.

In regards to the interior of the new 2017 Ford Kuga, there will be a smaller offering of novelties. The cabin will continue to play host to an updated and highly functional infotainment system as well as an array of convenient standard features. There are rumors swarming about proclaiming that the interior will see new standard features as well, but that has yet to be addressed via the Ford Motor Company. There does not appear to be any further alterations made to the cabin, nor is there any additional confirmed information regarding what consumers should expect from within the vehicle.

2017 Ford Kuga interior

2017 Ford Kuga – Release Date and Price

It is expected that the 2017 Ford Kuga will become available for sale within the first quarter of next year and will continue to carry a base price tag of $23,000.

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