2017 Dodge Durango Hemi, Release Date

The forecast of the approaching Dodge Durango is fairly showy and it is being flashier right now. Public is expected that coming model will make them surprised. The new SUVs will be organized for the international market. Dodge has been manufacturing outstanding vehicles with most of their vehicles are for selected costumers. Unlike the precious cars, the new Durango will be affordable and attractive for all types of buyers. Dodge is trying best to get a stable position in the automobile markets. It is receiving huge attention in the markets because of specialized sports utility options. The sports utility vehicles launched by this company have maintained the corporate rivalry. The new 2017 Dodge Durango will help the company to keep it continue.

2017 Dodge Durango front

2017 Dodge Durango – Exterior and Interior Design

An attractive platform scheme will be launched this time. Dodge is expected to create a special platform for the upcoming model. The structural weight has been reduced significantly in order to make it an efficient option. Aluminum will be mixed with steel for the high durability.

2017 Dodge Durango exterior is sophisticated and inspiring. It is anticipated to produce with current aerodynamics. The car has got 18 inches wide tires with pure aluminum alloy rims. This will certainly increase the road grip. The forward-facing of this car is strong because of the improved grille. Dodge has tried to utilize the LED technology this time. The headlights and indicators are better because of the LED based facility.

Leather upholstery styles the driving cabin in a more elegant way. A new gearbox, specialized power steering, modern navigation, speedometer satellite radio and Google maps are present. Automatic temperature mechanism, weather updates and safety locks are present. A large HD display (8.2 inches) touchscreen, digital sound with 7 speakers makes its perfect. Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and smartphone connectors ensure a pleasant driving experience.

2017 Dodge Durango interior

2017 Dodge Durango – Engine and Fuel Economy

Pentastar technology will be utilized this time. Dodge is looking forward to make the 2017 Durango more efficient with the help of V-6 type engines. The first engine will produce an output of 290 hp ad 260 lb ft torque with the help of a 3.6 liters fuel capacity. On the other hand, second engine will use 5.7 liters fuel capacity. It will give 360 hp and 390 lb ft torque with the help of Hemi V-8 type engine. It is an all-wheel opportunity with back wheel drive facility. No update about hybrid engines and electric motors is present.

The 2017 Dodge Durango will show a mileage (28 miles per gallon) in city. The speedy drive on highway will give 34 miles per gallon.

2017 Dodge Durango rear

2017 Dodge Durango – Release Date and Price

Starting value of the new 2017 Dodge Durango will be around $31,500. However there are high chances of price increase after its release in USA. Dodge will launch it in UK, China, Canada and Japan after November 2017. The 2017 Dodge Durango will face corporate rivalry by Ford Territory, Ford F150, Toyota Highlander and Nissan Pathfinder. The safety options are modern. Airbags, rearview camera, security locks and alarms are present.

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